The Monster I Love

I feel stunning
And entrancing
Feel like running
And dancing for joy

I do feel like all the above, less the running and dancing, I’m a bit tired, but I’d dance if the right person asked and the right things were at stake.
But is not about me that I wanted to talk, but about this hell of funny video, if you don’t laugh is because you have no soul, or have your taste broken or simply you never felt pretty (ok before someone gets offended, you probably didn’t laugh because you don’t found it funny, there you go, may peace reign).
Anyhow, the video is too funny, the perfect ending for a SHITTY and I mean S.H.I.T.T.Y. week.

Isn’t it nice that I didn’t have to apologize for anything about yesterday’s post?
Well not yet, I’m still waiting for my roommate to read it, then I’ll be un trouble but who cares, he’s what? 1 million miles away. Ha! In your face (please do not take all the money from our bank account).

And before I forget, a huge THANK YOU to Pam, she sent me yet another ration of candy corn and 2 beautiful cards that I won’t share with anyone. Pam, thanks, you are great, you seriously made my day yesterday. Love you!