doubt |dout|
a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction

That’s how I would define what is going on up in my head at this moment. You see, I don’t think “doubt” is necessarily a bad thing.
Doubt for instance has inspired this post. I’m far from being a writer, I just try put into words what I think, conversations that I have, ideas, good or bad, they are mine.
Once in awhile I feel like posting something “serious” then doubt comes and keeps me from it.
I think “writer’s block” is all about doubt, note I say I think, I can’t talk with certainty about it because as I said before I’m not a writer.


Writer’s block? Me? Nah! I’m not a writer.

Even as I write this post I keep asking myself what the hell am I doing, and I hope that before I reach 500 words I have a point.
I’ve been doubting myself a lot this week, like what to do with something that I’m really passionate about. Should I give up or keep trying?
Friday I wrote a post about it, it’s on my drafts it’ll be there forever, because before hitting publish I doubted myself once again, and decided to keep trying.

My Precioussssss

My Precioussssss

Before I lose you in this randomness I’ll brief you on my past.
I’ve been doing sports since I was 7, Track and Field put me through college, I was ready for Beijing 2008 but got injured before and had to drop the idea of going, lost motivation and decided not to try for London 2012, decided to train again and try for Rio 2016, doubt struck and was going to quit for good, then doubt struck again and now I’m determined to keep trying.
I have another bunch of posts on draft that I’ll never publish, I’m not teasing you, I’m just sharing my thoughts with you.

A Few Drafts

A Few Drafts

Since we are ( I am) talking about doubt, I’d like to share a 2 different approaches on “doubt”.
If you haven’t watched any of these movies you should check them out.

Yikes!! Doggy just farted, guy is dead in the inside…..Jesus Christ!!!!

Meryl Street  closing scene Doubt

The ending scene of Religulous 

Wow, I didn’t even hit 400 words! Props to me.