With you: Hell of Fame

Not too long ago, but long enough for me to have forgotten when, I said I was going to do a blogroll. You see a blogroll in here? No? Cool, cuz neither do I.

Believe me, I tried, I tried and I tried, but I can’t possibly include all blogs I like on there and I can’t narrow it down to 10, so no blogroll for me.
Instead I’ll do the Hell of Fame, or should I say, I did the Hell of Fame. Yeah, you can see it up there, right after What is this about?, it’s a page, a beautiful page.

A Page, a beautiful Page.

A Page, a beautiful Page.

On that page I’ve included the first guest bloggers. I’ll include future guest bloggers as well, so their brilliant posts are easier to access and people know of the grandiosity of their writing skills.

If you have missed any of those great posts, now is your time to catch up, Check it often because more people will be added there. I’ve already closed a deal with a new guest, although I have to send her a reminder since like me, she forgets things.

And talk about forgetting, please do not forget that tomorrow is Miss Peach’s first post in here (and probably last cuz I haven’t seen a draft yet). She’ll have to pull an all-nighter if she wants to come up with something nice or half decent to at least try to fulfill your expectations.

A crazy woman called the police on me, well actually on Doggy yesterday, because Doggy barked at her ugly dog. I laughed at her when she was dialing, I sat and told her I would wait for the police. The police never came (of course they wouldn’t come). Sometimes I feel like I need a taser so I can tase all those crazies. Seeing the wench twitching would have been nice (that’s mean and uncalled for, but that’s how I felt).