Miss Peach’s Perfect Day

Well, first off, I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and your suggestions. I’ll admit, I’m nervous. Leo said he would never let me do this kind of thing, and I don’t want to lose my job (again). Anyway, it’s hard to imagine a perfect day without catching a gator, but I’ll sure try my best.

If any day is going to be perfect, it’s got to start off at about 10am. Now I’m a simple girl, but I need my beauty sleep, and if I don’t get it I can be a little ornery. Eight hours of sleep is hardly enough for a lady with my beauty. That’s how beauty sleep works, you see, the more beautiful you are, the more sleep you need. Did I mention that instead of an alarm, I’d have my private masseuse wake me up with a gentle foot massage?


“You think my feet look bad? You should see Leo’s”

I’d walk downstairs to a small breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, and freshly squeezed cow milk. I’d sit at the breakfast nook while Leo tells me about his morning milking the cows, playing with Doggy, and preparing my breakfast. We sure have come a long way since the days I thought he was trying to kill me.

Now as you all know, I’m a hard-working girl, so I couldn’t spend my perfect day just lounging around. Like I always told my Sunday school classes, idle hands are the devil’s playground. I’d just have to put in an honest day’s work and catch a few gators. I know Leo said I couldn’t talk about that but damn it it’s the Lord’s will. Since it’s my perfect day, we’ll say I catch around 327 of them (a girl can dream) before I turn the fan boat around and head on home. I’d spend the rest of the night cooking them up on the bonfire and sipping on a few bottles of whiskey (don’t you worry, the good Lord already told me whiskey is ok by Him).

The only thing better than gator over a bonfire is wild boar and possum soup.

Maybe you’re thinking “But Miss Peach, this is the most boring perfect day ever.” Well sister, that’s just too bad. You asked for it so now you got it so don’t go hassling me about what I should do on my perfect day! You let me be with my gators and foot massages and gin. Or was it rum..?

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