I dreamed a dream

Reading Alien Red Queen’s blog yesterday, it came to me that I should share a dream with all of you, not an erotic dream, enough sex with yesterday’s post.

Have you ever dreamed about the way you’ll die?
Eerie I know, but I have.

I often tell my friends that I’ll die by the hands of someone else, just like John Lennon but less famous, much poorer and in a less fancy building and thanks god without Yoko.
I’ve been dreaming on and off for the last 8 months that someone kills me right before I get to enter my building.

The first time was extremely vivid. I woke up, I was alive, and then went to back to sleep and dreamed about marshmallows.

Dream usually goes like this:
I leave my office, walk back home and right before I pull the keys out of my pocket someone stabs me. I can’t see who, but I wrote a couple of names just in case, so if you, yes YOU, were trying to kill me, your name is on that list, and they’ll come after you.
So, I get stabbed, drop my bags and tell the person who opens the door “I’m sorry” and bang, drop dead.

I’ve learned to live with death behind my back, when you do what I do for a living people often wanna kill you.

Leo, and what is it that you do for a living?
Are you on a kind of witness protection program?
Secret agent?

No my dear, I just live my life the way I please, do not give a damn for what people think, and that’s a dangerous business (deep isn’t it?, you didn’t see that coming).

Nightmares Maker

Nightmares Maker

In all seriousness, do not eat 2 pints of rum raisins ice cream before bed, even it is Häagen-Dasz. That thing will mess with your dreams forever. I learnt the hard way.