Australia, Land of Weird

Better late than pregnant, that’s how the saying goes right?
Yesterday was Australia Day and I said nothing!

Isn't he cute? - Pic by The Daily Platypus

Isn’t he cute? – Pic by The Daily Platypus

Shame on me, I have a bunch of friends from Australia, I had a lover from Australia and I like kangaroos, that would’ve been enough reason for me to have at least mentioned it, but I didn’t. So today I’ll dedicate this post to all my Australian friends and that wonderful land that so much has given to the rest of the world.

Am I supposed to itemize what Australia has given us? Come on people, I’m only human!

Ok, first Australia gave us Olivia Newton John so she could sing Xanadu and make a whole generation of gay man even gayer or happier, you  choose the word.

Australia also “hosted” the second Survivor, not that ever watched any other, but I remember that one. This is Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson video application for that show.

The land of weird also gave us the weird yet lovable Steve Irwin, because weird is cool.

Back in 2000 Australia gave us a great show during the Olympic Games, but I’ll never forget Cathy Freeman dressed as a condom kicking ass on those 400mts, if you don’t know what I’m talking about watch the video. I shed a tear watching her mom and family crying. I have a heart you see.

And as it weren’t enough with Koalas, Wallaby, Echidnas and Kangaroos, Australia also gave us Dingo, a dingo that allegedly ate a woman’s baby which inspired that great movie “A Cry in the Dark” with Mrs. Streep

And finally Australia gave us Crowded House which gave us “Don’t Dream It’s Over” a song that was a hit when I was not even planning to roam this planet but that ironically I like and keep humming every now and then.

I salute you Australians, I love your accent, I’d love to be able to keep up with you when you drink, I’d love to feel a kangaroo’s pouch (I felt one but is not that kind of pouch I’m talking about). If you weren’t that far away I’d visit you every summer.
Happy belated Australia Day.