Thank You Time Zone!!!

Fuck being late, in Canadica is still yesterday!!!! 

Seems like I’m lately a day behind, damn it!
But again, as the saying goes, better late than pregnant. Lucky I can’t be either, I don’t ovulate therefore I can’t get pregnant.

Wow! Even that??!!

Wow! Even that??!!

Yesterday all WordPress and by all I mean 75% of it was celebrating the birthday of what Oprah is to WordPress, yeah you are right, was Le Clown’s (like Oprah can fire you from life he can fire you from WP) birthday , according to what I read he’s like 50 something.
If I were that old I wouldn’t tell my age, I already say that I’m between 15 and being dead and works like magic.
I started seeing this morning post about your birthday, I felt left out. I owe you a happy birthday post,not because you are Le Clown, but because you are Eric.
I’ve “dealt” more with Eric than with Le Clown, specially lately.
I’m not one to put my feelings out, but I’m moody (am I ovulating? no, cannot be) so I tell you straight or gayly, you have grown on me, for real, don’t know what you have, but I honestly like you. This not a love declaration, we are both taken, so relax.

Ok, pic is unrelated but there's a Clown

Ok, pic is unrelated but there’s a Clown

I’m not good with words, writing is not my thing, but you know that, you’ve edited my typos in your comments, and see, that’s what makes you special, the little tiny things (here’s the only time when tiny things are good), for me you are the perfect blogger, yes, the things you write are great, but you humanize your readers and that sir is why you are FUCKING GREAT.
You are a special man, I don’t know you, for you I may be a stranger, but I wouldn’t be doing this post if I didn’t mean what I’m saying (it’s my Monday post).
I wish you all the best and that all the good that you’ve done to people comes back to you double (not all double things are good, some can leave you on a wheel chair).

Cake the (Le) Clown

Cake the (Le) Clown

So Eric, from the top (yeah, no pillow bitter in here) of my heart, have a happy birthday!

Love you,

Always yours,


Wait, I meant sincerely yours.

Eric, this is unedited, I hope you speak dyslexia.