Uhmmm So Trashy!

This morning there was a Spanish revolution on Facebook (not a rant about it again).
All of my Spanish friends were protesting about the current government. The discontent in the population is growing exponentially. I’m not eligible to vote so I have no say in the matter. However, I pay taxes so I can still get upset.
I’ve chosen to remain oblivious to the current political and economical panorama, and life is better, much better. I canceled my subscription to the Economist and the NYT over a year ago. I don’t read the papers or watch the news. Being a regular citizen there’s just so much I can do. Let’s be honest, even activists have it hard nowadays to raise awareness. The government shuts them off and TV doesn’t show what matters.

A friend of mine updated his status with this:

This is Spain!

This is Spain!

See, the current president of Spain is a clown (no offense intended Le Clown). He doesn’t face the people, nobody has seen a public declaration regarding the corruption scandals shadowing his party (the Popular Party).
Overwhelmed by the amount of people complaining I took a minute to read the news, it’s disgusting. Spain is a joke, not the country, the politicians, a fucking joke.

They’ve been cutting on social services and pocketing the money they are “saving” the sate, they keep screwing us tax payers (like un any other country).
I’m beyond pissed. Just so you know, in Spain the minimum monthly wage is 628 Euros. I’m lucky enough to have a decent paying job. I pay my taxes (over 500 Euros a month) which is good chunk of my check.

Isn't he precious?

Isn’t he precious?

Monday I woke up to see a lot of trash in the streets (an uncommon view in Spain, especially where I live), I didn’t make much of it.
Tuesday I had to take the trash out and was warned that the waste management company was on strike.
But I had to take the trash out, I cooked shrimp the night before and you know how that stinks.
Anyhow, I live in the heart of the city, the historic center and my street is one of the blue one on the Sevillian version of Monopoly. That being said, this is what I have to see down my balcony and on my way to work:

Beautiful sight isn’t?
Where’s my money going?
I know!!
To Switzerland and the government gives a fiscal amnesty to thieves like the members of its party so they can report that money in Spain without paying a penny for it (basically awarding those who laundered our money).
Those fuckers should die, there are poor people suffering because of the way they run this sinking country.

But since I can’t change it, I’ll take my ass here in 2 weeks and enjoy life.

Utila, here I come!

Utila, here I come!