Mom, how you do it?

Mothers, I ask you:
How do you do it?
How do you know what’s gonna fit a baby?
How do you tell a boy’s jean from a girl’s jean if they don’t have flowers or cars?
Where do you get the patience to move around aisles and aisles of clothes and babies on the floor?

Me at the Spanish version of Macy’s, looking for clothes for a 2yo, a girl.
Ohh look, Kenzo, DNKY, Polo!
Shit!! 100 Euros a dress??!!!!
Are we crazy??!!


She’s only 2yo, how much fabric can be used on a little dress?
Mothers grabbing clothes, mothers dragging kids, I’m getting a panic attack.
I needed help, I had to ask.
“Excuse me, I’m looking for clothes for a little piglet, she’s 2, what’s the size?” girl looks at me and asks“Piglet? How can you talk like that about a baby girl?”
-“She likes to roll on mud, believe me, I know what I’m talking about” I said.

She asked me if the opossum was big, I had to tell her that it was my first time seeing her, that I wanted to bring her a bunch of clothes so she thought her uncle was rich even tho I’m poor.
She told me to get for 2-3 yo since they grow up fast, “Oh I know that, I have a puppy and he grows up on a daily basis.” She rolled her eyes.

Bad baby, bad bad baby.

Bad baby, bad bad baby.

I started to look for clothes, let me tell you, kids clothes shouldn’t be divided by “for girls” and “for boys.” They all should be neutral. Life would be easier, they are shapeless anyway.
I had a laugh attack, I grabbed boy’s clothes, I was dressing a boy, which is ok, because according to my brother Sarah aka Zarigueya (Opossum in Spanish) is a tomboy.
I asked what kinda clothes she wears, he said she wears whatever. She likes to dress herself, she’s pigheaded. It runs in the family.
I’ll never, NEVER again try to buy clothes for kids, never. That’s for professionals, but I tried and here’s what I got.
Ohh and please do not forget, tomorrow we’ll have a very special guest blogger, don’t miss it.