Kiss of Death

Knock knock

Whose there?


Is that you Death?

Is that you Death?

And as I laid in bed death approached me. Her breath was fetid so I offered her Scope and Mentos. If she was going to kiss me at least I wanted it to be dignified. She rinsed her mouth and when she was ready to swallow the last bit of Mentos her cellphone rang.
She had another appointmnet to take of, she promised she would return, and I know she will, probably tonight.
But tonight I’m ready, tonight I’m wearing my dying underwear and combed my hair.

Not too sexy but will keep the post mortem pee and other in place.

Not sexy but will keep the post mortem pee and other in place.

Readers and Readeresses, last night I thought it was my last. I’ve never recovered fully from the Flu from Hell. I put my guard down and it attacked again, it outnumbered my army, it’s asking for my head. I keep battling, but last night was horrible, a fever of 102F (39C). I was shaking all night like a blender. Then a fit of sweating sent to torment me by Satan took over my body. It was not normal, it was more than what a man is supposed to endure, yet I endured it. After the sweating came the cold, my body was going from solid, to liquid to plasma, I didn’t know what I was, I wanted to die.

Calling Death...

Calling Death…

I called Death, she hung up on me twice.
I skipped the day at work so I could call those who loved me and say my goodbyes, for today I’m sure is my last day. I can’t nor want to endure another night like I did.
To you fellow bloggers and bloggeresses, I say goodbye just in case I go on a joyride with Death.

Sincerely hallucinating, 

-This is an scheduled post, I may or may not stil be alive-