Things I Fear

This is post has been inspired by Miss Four Eyes, she wrote a list of things she fears, you should check it out if you wanna scare the life out of her. She prompted me to write a list of things, but being invincible is really hard to number things I fear, however, I’ll try.

Not Necessarily, I haven't been to Thailand yet

Not Necessarily, I haven’t been to Thailand yet

I love to travel, and Thailand is one of the places I must visit before I turn 22 (shhh), but there’s something about going to Thailand that scared the crap out me. This fear was in part planted by that show Locked Up Abroad.
Just imagine, I pack my things and head to Thailand. I arrive in Bangkok excited to try the food and get eaten by mosquitoes when suddenly I get kidnapped by a group of smugglers. They take to me a place far away where they give me a boob job (FYI Thailand is one of  the top destinations for sex reassignment operations), take care of me until I’m fully recovered. When they “free” me my name is not Leo anymore, they call me Solange.
They take me back to Bangkok, give me a fake passport and ask me to smuggle drugs into Europe, I get caught by the police. After the interrogatory at the airport they send me to jail, MAN jail, where all the guys touch my new boobs without even paying for it!

See how easy it is?

See how easy it is? (imagine from Another Travel Blog)

When I call my parents they refuse to help me, they don’t recognize that voluptuous woman asking for help, I have to face trial and likely the death penalty. While waiting for the trial I meet a decent guy to take care of Solange, we fall in love but he gets killed by a rival gang member, I’m left alone till I’m found guilty and subsequently stoned to dead. Talk about horror!

But because we shouldn’t let our fears get in out way, I’ll plan a trip to Thailand for later this year, if you receive an email from Solange don’t ignore, it’s probably me.