What travel guides and blogs won’t tell you

Hello everybody, I hope you all are doing fine and no baby was born while I was absent.
As you all know or have figured by now I was enjoying a few weeks off in paradise, I went to Honduras, visited many places and specially enjoyed the pristine water of it beaches and the wonder of its rainforest and of course food.

It was a trip worth repeating and worth recommending, I’ll share pics and experiences on later posts. What I wanna and gonna talk about it now is what travel guides and travel books do not prepare you for.
I like to read travel blogs and often read travel guide like Lonely Planet (some editions suck), all the publications and articles you read tell you how to prepare for the trip, even tell you what to pack. They often have good recommendations as to where to eat, where to sleep, dos and don’ts, but they all hide precious information as to what do to once your trip is OVER.

Who will wash this? Lonely Planet? Didn't think so!

Who will wash this? Lonely Planet? Didn’t think so!

Ohh my dearest friends, no travel guide will ever tell you how to cope with all the dirty laundry of those almost 4 weeks off.
You get home on a Sunday at 11pm and have to work the next day with a tanned/peeling skin and bags full of dirty clothes, no clean decent clothes to wear the next day, no groceries in your fridge and starving.

Who is gonna feed me? Lonely Planet? Didn't think so!!

Who is gonna feed me? Lonely Planet? Didn’t think so!!

Travel blogs and guides fail to offer you any kind of light as to how to deal with the amount of work you have to catch up on Monday, so big that you are dreading to walk in the office based on the avalanche of emails you received when you opened your work email at home the night before, you walk actually drag yourself out of home knowing that you’ll get a CPS attack because you won’t stop typing all day and no drugs will help you with the jet lag.

Who is gonna answer my emails? Lonely Planet? didn't think so!!

Who is gonna answer my emails? Lonely Planet? didn’t think so!!

You refuse to upload pictures of the trip because the wounds are fresh and you don’t want to start crying at work when you remember having breakfast with a margarita by the beach while you drink crappy orange juice enjoying the beautiful view from your office (a graffiti that reads “Lore te amo”)

The only solution to all these problems is to take vacations again or a leave of absence due to depression.