Naughty Thursday: Show The Goods

Ok, this is not what you think, although I have a draft about public exposure this is not about letting your business hang, but about other kind of business.

Many of you already know Stella, from Mollie and Alfie, you know, the blog were the first 2-10 times you read it you get a headache but one you get into the swim of things it’s a must on your list.
I can tell whatever I want because Stella authorized me, she’s getting into the porn business, well, let me make this clear, she’s not becoming a porn actress or director, but she’s using nudity as a new branch of her business.

She practices something called Yogo, which is basically naked Yoga, see pictures below.

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Now she’s has paired with famous Naked Blogguer (is it blogger or bloger?)and is making Naked Blogging a brand, honestly I think it’s a smart move.

Have you ever blogged naked?
Well I have and I believe it’s a normal practice, writing a post on your way to the shower.
Ot the time when you are showering and a great idea (or not so great) comes to your head, and the first thing you do is to sorta dry and run to write it before you forget.

There you are with your nakedness and a great idea to put into words, windows open, your desk is by the window or by the door that leads to the balcony, your neighbor enjoying the chiaroscuro effect that the morning sun gives to your body. Then a friend calls you telling you that videos and pics of you naked all over the internet, the pervert neighbor has been recording you and making money out of your nakedness, not to mention the countless “tributes” he’s paid you (but that should be flattering).

What to do next?
Sue your neighbor?
No!!! That’s something from the past, haven’t you learned anything from those celebrities after their sex tapes have been released?
You launch a product and make shit loads of money, more money than what your neighbor made, all thanks to the good old amateur porn.

So if you wanna join the Naked Blogging movement and make more money that the neighbor who spies on you (well you won’t be making money, you’ll be supporting a frustrated porn actress to make ends meet) just order one of these beautiful mouse pads from her website, I’ve ordered mine, it’s a special order, you’ll see it once it’s finished.

naked blogger


Cute aren’t they?
Of course, the doodle was a creation of the great Rara, the same that draw the one on my header.

Note from Stella: You can’t buy these in my shop (I have a family oriented blog can’t sell porn -She didn’t say this part, I added it) ..You have to email me.. com. They are $24.39 Dollars which includes postage