Freshly Pressed?! Not Sure

If you read the post “I Was Tagged” one of Miss4Eyes questions was:

What is the one thing you are most afraid of?

To which my answer was:

I’m afraid I’ve already been Freshly Pressed and I don’t know, scares the life out of me.

Then she commented this:

Your greatest fear is the best yet. That would scare me too!

And I replied with:

That FP thing really scares me, you know what, I’ll make a little image that reads “Probably have been Freshly Pressed, but didn’t get the memo” We could all wear it. Yeah I’ll do it.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Which inspired this post, my fear is for real, what if I was Freshly Pressed and I didn’t read the email  cuz they send an email right?
See, all my WP emails go to an account created specifically for this other’s my personal would go crazy, he’s very jealous so to keep it drama free I created a different account which I don’t access often, not do I do over all the notification every single time I check the email, would be crazy, I don’t know how you people do it.

I would like to hear from my Freshly Pressed readers how did they find out that they have been FP. I know, you see a bunch of new hits (by the way, congratulations to me, I reached the 3 million mark yesterday, and I’m pretty sure it was Kolytyi visit because when it was on the 2,999,999 I kept refreshing and refreshing and after his/her like it went to 3 million) and a lot of comments, but lets say all those who read my presumably FP post are too shy and didn’t want to comment. Likely they didn’t want to share their point of view on posts as deep and controversial as mine, so yeah, hits and comments are not a good indicator.

What if I was FP when I was on vacation? I know! Disaster right?

To play it safe I’ve created a badge that’s gonna replace the one I have now:

Freshly Pressed We Are Not

Freshly Pressed We Are Not

I have doubts, many doubts and I can’t live with that doubt inside me, I know I can’t just say I’ve been FP, but since I’m not sure if I’ve been or not I can’t say I haven’t, you get my point even when that many have beens?
Cool, I know you get me, I’m determined to not live in fear.
Why live in fear when you can live with a badge that keeps the fear away?

May Have Been FP But Didn't Get The Memo

May Have Been FP But Didn’t Get The Memo

And isn’t the badge perfect?

I knew you’d like it. Feel free to grab it if you live with the same fear.