Friends: those creatures that talk you in or out crazy.

Yesterday I wrote a post and sent to Pam so she would give me her honest opinion about it, I rarely ask for feedback about my posts, I just publish them and regret later.
The post Pam reviewed was lovely to say the least, started like this:

The eyes of a mother are be caring,
Offer comfort when needed the most,
The eyes of mother are daring
When they need to set boundaries
The eyes of a mother are blind
When it comes to ugly babies

He's not ugly, just hard to look at.

He’s not ugly, just hard to look at.

A beautiful sub-urban poem right?
Pam put sense into me, she didn’t tell me to not post it but had good point and she’s wise so I listened.
This is a case where friends talk you out of crazy.

Then, right after Pam talked me out of crazy another friend talked me into crazy.
I’m gonna omit her name not because she asked but because I don’t want to ruin her public image.

We started talking about what if your hypothetical husband ends up in a wheelchair, like Stephen Hawking?
If hypothetical husband ended like Mr. Hawking I wouldn’t divorce, I’d give him 2 options:
a) Wheel him back to his mother
b) Pay him a nurse to change his diapers and turn his chair facing the wall while I’m entertaining a gentleman caller

Ever googled for wheelchair sex with the filter off? Please do.

Ever googled for wheelchair sex with the filter off? Please do.

Our hypothetical husbands wanted to live regardless of their condition, then what if tables were turned?
What if it was us who ended up like Mr. Hawking and our hypothetical husbands had to take care of us?
Simple, euthanasia, both of us agreed that we wouldn’t want to hear moaning from our wheelchair.
The problem would come if hypothetical husband would want to take care of us and spend their life by our respective beds, something that we wouldn’t do.
If you are wondering how this conversation originated, well, it started with “my back hurts”.

Then you have the friends that talk your dogs into crazy, and here’s where Misaki comes.
Doggy is now possessed thanks to a squeaky squirrel she sent, of course he’s now driving me crazy, he puts the squirrel on my computer so I play with him, if I ignore him he licks the screen.
Thanks Misaki!

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