Naughty Thursday: When A Man Loves An Eel

This post is brought to you thanks to My Three Moggies, who kindly forward me an article saying:

“Leo have no idea why but your name came to mind to forward this story” 

And attached a link. Before I share the link let me tell you that it worries me that such story made this blogger think of me.  I laughed but then thought and then laughed again.
Just for the record, I’ve never, not even once, shoved a living animal up my derriere.

That being said, brace for impact, because this will be a bumpy ride, I’ll make it safe for work after all this is a family blog, dysfunctional family, but a family nevertheless.

So take a minute the read the article, it’s short:  A PORN addict who inserted a live eel up his backside had to endure an all-night operation – after it got STUCK.

Yeah, that's an Eel.

Yeah, that’s an Eel.

Let’s ponder for a second. Ok, second passed.

What the hell is wrong with that man???!!!!
What happened to good old veggies and fruits?
Do you think Mr. Carrot and Mrs. Banana would be jealous of the Eel?

Homemade Dildos

Vegetarian love 

What about the brush handle?
The dough roller?
Or a bottle of wine?
I once accidentally (yeah right) watch a p o r n movie were some random girls would shove a living flapping lobster down there, also an octopus(y) where it rhymes with. I was shocked, after 2Girls 1Cup I thought I’d seen it all, apparently not.

2 Girls 1 Cup

2 Girls 1 Cup

You think this man called the Eel the next day?
Did they at least know each other’s last name?
You think there was a second date? After all that Eel knows what’s inside him better than anyone else, they should get married.