Table Manners

Can’t remember when was the last time I gave dating tips, so for the sake of it I’ll give you one today, short because it’s Friday and we all just want it to be over so we can chug a bottle of wine and forget about work.

Let’s assume you have a date tonight and are planning to have dinner, then a movie and hit the sheets, because you are planning on hitting the sheets right after dinner, however it’s always polite to make it 10 minutes into the movie before you take your clothes off on the beautiful leather sofa that sticks to your skin and squeaks every time you move, nothing says “I love you” as a kiss accompanied by the sound of the friction of naked and sweaty body against the sofa.

The most comfortable place to do the dirty in August.

The most comfortable place to do the dirty in summer.

However, before you make into the sofa you gotta eat, and dinner time is when you have to impress your soon to be dessert and what better way to impress than showing great manners at the table, just as your mother taught you.
The video is self explanatory, so I won’t get into details.

Enjoy your dinner and have a great Friday, I’m going out of town e for a hike with the furry beast but I’ll be around.

This post was brought to you thanks to a friend who keeps send me videos at 4am .