I’m Not Here

Here I am, or at least part of me is it. 
I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your comments nor passed  by your blogs, I’ll make up to you, somehow, someday, in this life of the other. 
So let me tell you what happened yesterday. 
Monday was the first day of Feria de Abril or April’s Fair in Seville, it’s basically a huge county fair, with horse shit all over the place, drunk people dressed on a traditional dress and dancing, lots of dancing but not square dance, but “Sevillanas” which is a sorta flamenco. 

I didn’t want to go, my friends got there early, I was hesitating and ended up going, what happened then my friends, was fun. 
Yes, I drank, but wasn’t drunk, however, I taught all the 15 souls at our table how do to a blowjob (the shot, not the an actual bj)  with wine, classy right? I know. 
I kissed 2 girls and I liked it, their bf not so much, but hey! Something’s gotta give.