Close Enough Nobody Is Normal

Yesterday I was tagged by MerBear and had to answer some questions, among them name my favorite comedian.
Which is hard, because it al depends on the mood, sometimes I prefer easy comedy, others I enjoy smart comedy but I can’t never say no a potty mouth, I love it.
Curse words are a taboo, unnecessary if you ask me. You can debate it, of course you can, you have the right to. But let me tell you something, in Latin America saying “Mierda” (shit) on TV, is unthinkable, in Spain however, is just another word like rainbow and cotton candy, kids say it and it’s al good.  And that’s what is, it’s just a word.
Words are powerful, but I think the power is on the way they are saying and not on the word itself.
So based on that profound statement let’s enjoy these videos, you probably know Lisa Lampanelli, if you don’t check it out, but please, only play the video if you don’t get offended easily by words.
If you play it and get offended wait till I put the next survey to trash me and complain ok?