2 Grams For $40

Who hasn’t pulled a stunt on their parents?
My parents “suffered” a lot with me. I would do silly things just to have a good time. Nothing that would scar them for life tho.
Like telling them you are dropping school to join the army in your last year of college or telling them that since Social Security pays for a sex reassignment operation in Spain you are planning to get one. You know, silly things.

This morning a friend of mine shared something Nathan Fielder, a Canadian comedian suggested his followers on Twitter to do, sheer genius I must say:

Got 2 grams for $40.

Got 2 grams for $40.

Of course kids being kids started to text their parents. I loved it, I imagined my parents reading that, I think they would have canceled my phone  if it still were on their plan, then they would send the cops on me, probably not, but I’d send them on my kids.

Please take a look at the screen captures of the messages, some are priceless. Now I ask you, what would you do?