Gratia Plena

I had spare time this weekend to take a few pics of Doggy, he doesn’t like to pose. But I still managed to get some nice shots.
One of them is for a contest that Misaki is organizing, the Patron of WordPress.

Benedicta tu

Benedicta tu

I don’t like competitions you all know that, but I entered anyway, the price is good, 75,000 Euros, I could use that money to pay for a nice getaway and to buy Doggy angel’s wings, and help Spain from sinking deeper into the crisis thanks to my money.

What you want from Leo? You may be asking yourself, well, I want you to vote so I can win that bucket of money and launder it into Spain, the government is giving a fiscal amnesty, so I might as well take advantage of it.

Tomorrow it’s gonna be a year since I started this blog so what better gift than to vote for me?
You are just great!!

You just need to go here: VOTE AND SAVE SPAIN FROM THE CRISIS! 

Remember, this not for me, that’d be selfish, by voting you’ll be helping a whole country.
And you wouldn’t say no to St. Mary Doggy Magdalene?
Would you?
You would???!!!!
How mean is that???!!!!!