Taboo: P*rn

This post has been inspired by Merbear whom has never seen a porn a movie in her life. 
I have to admit that I may have watched porn accidentally at least 2,000 times.
I will never forget the first time I watched porn, one should never forget the first porn movie, so let me take you back to that moment in my life:

Guy calls 911, because he has fallen and can’t get up.
Knock, knock, a “nurse” at the door.
Nurse walks in the house, just to find the guy laying on the floor unable to get up.
-Wow! That’s the biggest beaver I’ve ever seen, says the guy.

A giant beaver

A giant beaver

Nurse was wearing a white shirt, a nurse hat and a beaver pouch, of course, heels and a pearl necklace (cuz nothing says porn as heels and pearl)
Nurse touches her beaver (pouch) and says “Come on, pet it!”
-Uhmm what a nice beaver! Says the guy.

Music starts to play and the rest you imagine it.

Did you know that a man died for getting his face too close to a beaver? Those flesh-eating beavers! Here read the article: Beaver Kills Man 

Porn it’s a very creative industry, we gotta give it to them (no pun intended). They come up with the best names ever for their movies, I found a couple of pics of the DVD’s to share with you, all of them safe for work and kids, cuz this is a family blog after all.

And before wishing you all a happy weekend I’d like to ask you:

-Why porn actresses don’t take off their heels while doing “it”?
-Why are pearls the jewelry of choice?
-You remember the name of your first porn movie?

Have a great weekend!

If by any chance you find above are offensive because they are “porn”, I’d love to hear what are your thoughts about these blockbusters: