Does Death Drinks Whiskey?

Dear friends,

All that glitters is not gold

All that glitters is not gold

All that glitters is not gold, nor fine jewelry but all the opposite. Death and her scythe are around the corner, behind the sofa, behind the dairy queen counter, even inside your underwear drawer. She surprises when you less expected. Bang! And you with that ratty hair!

Hello, I'm Death!

Hello, I’m Death!

-Hell000!! I’m death….
-You are too damn cute, you look like La Toya Jackson, just look at that face!
-One more smart ass comment and I’ll slap you silly

I'm Death too

I’m Death too

-Ok. But let’s see, I’d love to know what are you doing in my bathtub??!
I’m taking a bath with aromatic salts and oils dear, couldn’t you think on a better moment to come?!
-This hair dryer in the water is yours?
-Ooops….wait….lemme see…..yyyeeesssss….

I was only drying my hair.

I was only blow drying my hair.

-So, start drying yourself off, I’m taking you in an excursion.
-Would you mind giving me a few minutes. I need to call Kevin to let him now I’m running late for our dinner date because I’m dead.
-Fine, but hurry up!
-Would you like something to drink while you wait? A whiskey perhaps?
-Sure, but little booze, I get tipsy easily and you know….
Incendentally, your bathroom is beautifully designed


Thanks to my friend Chaka for this.