No Job Interviews. Am I A Failure?

Ever wonder why nobody calls you for job interview?

Job Interview. Checked!

Job Interview. Checked!

When I decided to stay in Spain, I had to sent out resumes, you know, to make a living and stop draining my savings.
There I was faced by a huge challenge, having to translate my resume to Spanish and what is worse, formatting it the Spanish way.
In Spain resumes, as a general rule must have a picture and people usually includes their personal ID number, address and DOB. Mere insanity, back home you will never include that info on a piece of paper that people uses to play Tic-Tac-Toe

I won!

I won!

I started the painstaking process to translate my beautiful resume using my rusty broken Spanish, I tried several times, failing constantly. I asked for help because I was annoyed and as usual me wanting to be funny ends up in disaster.
I named the document “I hate this crap”, sent it to a friend, he translated it, sent it to me, I reviewed and was pleased, and sent it out.
Nobody would call me, I was feeling depressed, I always thought I had a good resume, back home people would always call me. I started to question if I should go back home and drop the adventure.

Mama, it's me!

Mama, it’s me!

Later a friend asked me to send him my resume because he knew of a company that was hiring, so I started looking on my computer for it:

Resume Leo – No results

Resume Spanish – No results

CV Spain – No Results

Curriculum Espanol – No results

Anxiety attacks are welcome

Anxiety attacks are welcome

I thought I had deleted it, so I went through my sent email trying to locate a copy of said resume, I found it!!

File name: I hate this crap

I was happy to know that the reason nobody was calling wasn’t because I was a big failure and nobody would even consider an interview.
I was sad because I’m a mess.
Once I changed the file name and sent it a couple of times, I started to get calls for interviews.
I declined all the offers and ended working for a company that has nothing to do with my major.
I’m an architect and I’m working for a telecomm company.
They hired me because of my attitude and not because my knowledge would be of any use for them.
Did I learn a lesson?
No, I keep issues locating documents because of the way I name files.