Tension in Europe

While the American continent awakes or prepares to have breakfast, a veil of tension lurks over Europe (not really). Today is the final of Eurovision Music Contest, the name of it it’s self descriptive. Although Israel also competes, last time I checked they are not Europe, but then who cares? It’s all about politics.

New map of Europe including Israel, as you can see it fits perfectly in the Bay of Biscay

New map of Europe including Israel, as you can see it fits perfectly in the Bay of Biscay

For us in America, Eurovision it’s totally unknown, but just to share a few facts some famous people have performed there, ABBA, Celine Dion (representing Belgium), Andrew Lloyd Webber and someone else that I can’t remember now. And this year Bonnie Tyler and her wax doll face is representing the UK with a really boring song.

Spot the 7 differences.

Spot the 7 differences.

I’m not a fan of this contest, but I watch it because it’s interesting to listen to songs in all different languages, English is still the most popular choice, but there are still singers than perform in their mother tongue.

Spain always loses, well, not last place but right there and it only keeps going because it’s part of the big 4 (don’t ask me what that is) and goes straight to the final, like Italy, France, the UK and the winner of the previous year which also happens to be the host country.

Enough details, let me share some videos with you.

First my favorite, from Montenegro with Igranka (Party), sadly didn’t make it to the finals but I’d surely dance to that song.

Then we have a controversial performance from Finland, Marry Me. Can you imagine they have the nerves to show a lesbian kiss at the end??!! Turkish public TV is saying they won’t show it because….because…because…ohh yeah, bigotry it’s the word.

France is bringing a lighter version of Amy Winehouse, I like the song. Amandine sings L’Enfer et Moi.

Then we have probably the most “weird” performance, I can’t help to hate the guy. You all know I wanna be a soprano. I hope he wins. From Romania Cezar with It’s My Life.

Now if you wanna fall sleep you should listen to Spain’s song, to be fair, this guys were sorta forced to go, as I said, it’s all about politics. That being said, the song sucks, which it’s cool because if Spain were to win we would have to host the show next year and there’s no money for that.

And to finish, let me share one my favorite performances, from 2012 an Icelandic girl sung Je ne sais quoi, she should have won.

Have a nice day!