Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

Let me take you on a trip to paradise. 
A little over 2 months ago I went to a place in Honduras called “Cayos Cochinos” or “Cochinos(pigs) Cays”. A bunch of small islands in the Caribbean sea, about 35-40 minutes boat ride off the coast of Honduras. 
I took a “guided” tour, for $30 they pick up at your hotel at the closest “big” city (La Ceiba), take you to a village called Sambo Creek, a Garifuna village. From there you take a boat to the cays. 

Our ride was a bit shaky, it was raining like it only rains in the tropics, all the German and Canadian tourist that were sharing the boat with us were really disappointed, they suggested going back inland and cancel the trip. I don’t blame them, but they should have know that in the tropics rains really heavy for 30 minutes and then you get a blue a sky like if nothing ever happened. 

These islands do not have any of the commodities that you would find inland, forget about fancy hotels, fancy places to eat, it’s you and nature. 
If you chose to stay (I highly recommend it), you can rent a room in one of the cabins, for less than $10 you’ll get a comfy bed, you may also rent a room from any of the locals.
Lunch goes for about $10, fresh fish or lobster, as fresh as it gets, from the sea to your plate. 
After lunch you have plenty of time to bask and walk around the island, talk with the locals (they speak perfect English) or enjoy the crystal clear waters. Snorkeling it’s a must, I got to see lobsters and more fish than I thought existed, funny to see how the fish don’t give a damn about you being there. Same with the dolphins. 
This had been without doubt one of the best trips I’ve ever had, if I could I’d buy an island there and move with my beast. Alas, islands are not for sale. 

Thanks to Eduardo for some of the pics.