Memorial Weekend, 2013.

Because nobody would say it better than John.

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I’ve been pondering what great words of wisdom, what great and soaring concepts, what US 48-star Flagverbal imagery I could present to you for this weekend. It would, of course, be centered around remembering those in our Armed Forces who have given their all, that “last, full measure”. But I couldn’t find the right idea to wrap a post around. And then it hit me.

This weekend, and especially Memorial Day itself, is not about me. It’s about remembering, it’s about paying tribute to those who have gone before. And in that line, what better way than to share the stories of those brave men and women from days past?

So I’ll give you some ideas where to look. You can visit an old friend of mine, Padre Steve Dundas, a chaplain and outstanding historian, at, and enjoy this and other posts he’s written, not just about Memorial Day, but also…

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