Picture Perfect?

Think for a second or 2, go you missing, or are kidnapped, or you die, or you committed a crime and are “Wanted”, a picture of you is needed for newspapers, obituary, funeral home, boxes of milk or ads on walls of airports and train stations. Have you thought of what picture of you would be the best for others to see?

Ever Heidi had her bad shots. She was a cutie tho. RIP

Ever Heidi had her bad shots. She was a cutie tho. RIP

I certainly haven’t, but the thought came to me after imagining getting lost on one of those unguided hikes through uncharted territories that I love to take when I’m traveling in countries that don’t speak the same language and on which I don’t know I soul.
It’s not that crazy to think about it.
I wouldn’t like to see a really ugly pic of me around the city, I don’t care if I’m dead, being dead doesn’t mean we have to stop caring about our reputation.

He has the Heidi eyes.

He has the Heidi eyes.

I don’t have a mug shot, never been to jail (no yet) so the authorities don’t have any other pics of me, just the passport and/or ID pic and let’s face it, nobody looks good on those. With that on mind I started to look for pics of me where I look half decent (according to me) and sent 3 to my family if something happens and they need to put a pic of me of out there. They laughed at me, but I’m dead serious, if you never return let’s say it’s ok. But what if you are found? What if you return and gotta face society after the publication of your ugliest picture?

You wanna be Silvester Stallone's mother? Didn't think so!

You wanna be Silvester Stallone’s mother? Didn’t think so!

I bet you don't wanna be Mama Elsa either!

I bet you don’t wanna be Mama Elsa either!

Think about it!
Act now!

And a treat for you:

First time I hear that woman walking, what a thick accent she has or maybe is because she can’t move her lips, bless her heart.