Hey Ho!

Helle dear readers and friends,

I’m alive, just too fucking busy, I have a plenty of material to post but it doesn’t feel right to just put posts out and ignore all of your blogs and comments because I don’t have the time to check them out.
This is just to thank those who have checked on me, and to answer your questions:

No, I’m not dead.

No, Oprah hasn’t sued me yet.

No, leprosy hasn’t consumed my hands.

No, I’m not paying time in jail.

No, I didn’t give up WordPress (how could I?)

No, I was not evicted and live in the streets now (even tho I look like a hobo)

I’ll be back soon with brilliant stories as usual, like “How to mug your ONS”, “The ABC of hook ups”, “I’m pregnant with triplets” and many more.

I’ll leave you with some Twerkin’ by Fantasia, please watch the video!

Take care and have a great weekend, you are the best!