It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

It’s time to say goodbye my dear friends.
You’ve helped me walk well over 1000 miles.
We’ve been to 3 continents.
We’ve hiked, run and walked.
You’ve been with me in good and bad moments.
You’ve seen me fall, slip and roll in mud.
I still remember the first time I saw you, that peculiar smell that lingers for days.
How comfortable you made me feel.

It’s time to say goodbye, it’s so hard, always too hard.
Remember that time those wild pigs were chasing after us?
If it wasn’t for your grip I would have rolled down that rocky hill.
Remember the times you prevented those thorns from stinging my feet?
I look at those pics of our first time together, you sure looked cute.
You still look cute, worn down yes, but then, who wouldn’t be after all this time?

It’s time to say goodbye, my friends.
I gotta let go.
Thank you. Thank you for being so reliable, I knew that every step, every stride I took, I could count on your support.

It’s time to say goodbye my friends.
You served your purpose in life.
When you could no longer offer the best of you, I made sure to keep you around, there was more to you than “running”, you could still “walk” with me and walk you did.
I look down and see you there, it breaks my heart but it’s time to say goodbye my friends.

As a runner the emotion of trying a new pair of sneakers is hard to understand for those who don’t run.
And saying goodbye to a pair of dirty running shoes, that you never, not once, washed, is equally hard to describe.
Today I say goodbye to my old Adidas Adizero Pro.