That Snail Like Feeling

My dear regular readers,

Let me bore you and share a bit of what I love the most (other than food) — I’ve been working out regularly. I told you once about me and running in this post, so click here and read it if you want.

It’s been disgustingly hot in Seville. With the highs in the 110’s and the lows in the 80’s, walking back home from working out is a challenge.

That's 107

That’s 107 Fahrenheit

But I have a goal in my mind and there’s no way I’m letting it go this time. I’m gonna write about it regularly, but not every day cuz I don’t wanna bore you.
Last week I started mixing runs and bike rides.
I’m fucking crazy if you ask me, but you don’t need to ask if you’ve been reading this blog for more than a week.

I’m getting used to people staring at me, not because I’m amazingly good looking but because of the dog wearing a backpack tied to my waist, the tape on my legs and the shiny shoes (wait till I get the new ones).

Doggy runs with me, and I have to keep an eye on him because of the heat. But being as smart as I am (allegedly), I let him jump in a fountain before we start running so he’s cool for the rest of the run.
He seems to love it. He carries my phone, keys and money in his little backpack (that’s his job, kibble and a place to sleep do not pay themselves), and he also gets to burn some energy.
The leash I’m using is killing me, need to get a new one. Β I had an accident with the old one, and the one I’m using is making my waist as tiny as Cathie Jung’s and let’s face it, that’s not sexy on a girl let alone on a guy.

Sexy isn't it?

Sexy isn’t it?

I’m doing an average of 10 miles (16km) a day and every other day I run 6 miles (10km) and then bike 15.5 miles (25km).
The first day of the bike-after-run mix was fine, I wasn’t sore.
I’m invincible! I thought. The second time it happened I felt like a snail. I had to drag my lower body around, my knees are full of scratches and bubble gum I picked up on the street on my way to work.

Human Snail

Human Snail

Painful. Soreness at its best or worse.
Once I’m done with my workout I drag my sweaty and stinky self home, stretch a bit and do some yoga, eat 2lbs (1kg) of watermelon and try to read a bit before falling asleep like a mother pig after giving birth to 12 piglets.

That's how I picture myself.

That’s how I picture myself.

Note to self: eating too much watermelon before bed may cause leaking.