When it loves, it purrs!

Love knows no limits.
Love is blind they say.
Love helps us forgive and forget.
Love keeps us alive.
Love is the force that moves the world.
Love makes us do crazy things.

Love is the flower of life!

Love is the flower of life!

And what crazy shit people do out of love, like this touching story about the love of a woman for her cat. Please read the article – KITTEN LOVE- so the post makes sense or not.
This woman loved her cat so much that she was willing to stab a 77yo just because he was going to spill “their secret”.
Still makes no sense? Ok let me make sense out of it for you:

Kristina Brown, just a cat lady.

Kristina Brown, not your typical cat person.

Rumor has it that this woman’s feline rendezvous was involved in a serious relationship with another cat down the block, Honey Bun.
On nights that he went on his sexual escapades, the male cat (whose name wasn’t disclosed), would tell his partner that he was going out to turn trash cans and bring home the fish.
“He was always a good provider. He would bring home roadkill and half dead rats. He once even brought us a parrot,” Honey Bun said when interviewed.
When asked about Ms. Brown she added, “That home wrecker destroyed our happy family. I have 7 kittens who look just like him. Now I gotta tell them their daddy was fooling around with a human!!”

It was not a surprise for neighbors when they found out about Kristina Brown’s reaction towards her neighbor.

Cotton, the pussy, loved to get licked.

Cotton, the pussy, loved to get licked.

“Cotton, Kristina’s pussy, was always looking for someone to lick her. The male cat would lick Kristina’s pussy, Cotton, all day long,” an elderly neighbor reported.

Apparently Brown was not only letting this sleazy cat lick her pussy, Cotton, but she was also having sex with him.
Neighbors often complained about dog fights breaking out at Brown’s house. Allegedly the dogs were fighting over Brown’s pussy, Cotton.

Whatever Brown was doing at her house, that man had no right to rat her out, nobody liked rats, just her pussy, Cotton.

I wonder if Kristina ever answered to this call:

Please, if someone can shed a little light.
How does someone have sex with a cat?