Nat Geo Can Suck It!

And my first day off is over, I didn’t do much.
I ate, walked around the city, spotted where to run and ate again.
I’m now watching a documentary about The Valley of the Kings, I still remember when we drove all the way down from NYC to Philly just to see Treasures of Tutankhamun, we were fooled. All the advertisement showed the mask, but the mask was not part of the exhibition. We should have sued.
Anyhow, I’m not in Egypt, I’m in Alicante, so I’ll share a few pics with you.
You all know I’ve submitted several of my pictures to National Geographic Magazine, none of them has ever been publish but that doesn’t stop me (Nat Geo, you can suck it), I’ll keep taking artistic pictures until someone publishes my pictures or ask my permission to put an exhibition at the MoMA.
You’ll have the honor of seeing these the grandeur of my pictures for free, you may print them out and use them as postcard if you will.

Please, observe the picture where a couple is having a good old sex on the beach.

Now for your enjoyment a bit of Bartoli’s: