Running Digest: Shoes, Baby Bunnies and Red Man

This is a quick summary of what running has been like in the past 2 weeks, not because I don’t wanna bore you, but because I can’t remember much and honestly, not much happens when I’m out there running.
So, let me start by telling you that I’ve tried those great lime green “here I am” sneakers.
They are as light as feathers, not your everyday running shoes.

It’s the closest to running barefoot I’ve ever been. I would recommend them for races up to 10km.
I’ll use them for a half marathon. I’m very light, so I don’t feel the impact.
The first time I tried them it felt as if I were walking on baby bunnies, but then I stopped to think that walking on baby bunnies would feel really bad, all those little bones breaking, but you get the idea.

That'd be a soft step

That’d be a soft step

The past 2 weeks I alternated running and biking. I did enough mileage to go from here to China (a store around the corner). I was going to post a daily log, but changed my mind and this is as good as it gets:

Captain's Log

Captain’s Log

I mentioned that my running partner is my dog. He’s ideal, he carries my stuff and doesn’t talk, but going over 6 miles is really boring, therefore I gotta rely on the little red man* to keep my mind from wandering too far. I put a playlist together, songs that I wouldn’t normally listen to and that wouldn’t precisely define my musical taste but are upbeat enough and keep me going.
Here a couple of songs of said playlist:

The first one is an oldie but goodie, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police, this version is with an orchestra, really nice:

Then there’s something a bit different, more electropop if you will, In For The Kill by La Roux.

This one gets me going, All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers.

And the last for today’s post, because I won’t post 15 videos. One that I really like, it’s grown on me, it’s not my thing but I like it, Mama Knows Best by Jessie J. Truth to be told, the girl has a really good voice.

Have a happy weekend!

*iPod nano