What the Duck? Ahoy!

By know you all are aware that my writing skills aren’t the best in the world.
Believe me, I’m an educated human being, but I have issues that prevent me to see several typos and unfinished sentences and many other grammatical errors. Basically my fingers can’t keep up with my brain, neither can my eyes. Reading over doesn’t help, ideas are fresh in my brain and I see no mistakes, I start to read a sentence and my clever brain knows how it ends and it fools my eyes into believing the whole idea is properly written.

But she's blind and I don't know Braile.

But she’s blind and I don’t know Braile.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have to deal with the damn iPhone Autocorrector, my Facebook status updates are pitiful at times. Yesterday I wrote something like this :
“The voices in my hard”-I wanted to say head.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 12.34.13 PM

Head, heard and hard.

Changes as silly as that don’t bother me,  granted, it makes look like an idiot in occasions but I can live with it.
However, I can’t and won’t tolerate to be deprived of a good old FUCK (no pun intended), I wanna use FUCK, FUCKING, FUCKTARD, FUCKER and whatever the FUCK I want.  Autocorrect keeps changing FUCK to DUCK, you think that’s fair?

Duck you!!

Duck you!!

I respect if you don’t curse, but FUCK is not a curse word and even if it was, I have the right to use whenever and whatever way I wish. I do not want a damn autocorrector to censure me.
This is a parade against freedom of speech, you hear me Obama, you are the one to blame.
And if fucking with fuck wasn’t enough, autocorrector also changes the most simple of words, SHIT, to words like, SHOT and AHOY, yes, my friends, AHOY, who the hell uses AHOY anyway?

They owe its name to Autocorrector.

They owe its name to Autocorrector.

Now I wonder if the famous Chips Ahoy, were meant to be Chips Shit and fell victim of the autocorrect.