A year ago something humilliatin not really  happened to me as I was walking the beast. Many times I’ve expressed my love for opera in here, sometimes I sing at home when I’m sure nobody is in the building but I never get to really let my voice out, except when I’m at the park or hiking, but sometimes things like this happen: SOMETIMES I’M BEAKER

But this is not about me, I just wanted to give you a little reference.
Yesterday I was shown the video I’ll add below and couldn’t stop laughing. I somehow feel the girl’s pain.

If I where let’s say, at a Cecilia Bartoli’s recital and she would hand me the mic in the middle of “Una Voce Poco Fa” right when “Ma se mi toccano dov’è il mio debole…” (minute 3:33, you’re welcome!) starts I’d just own it and “sing” my life out. I’d face humiliation later on but at least, but hey! I would have sung with one of the greatest. I’m sure this girl feels the same.

That all being said, Beyonce is an utter bitch and evil and for that I love her now. The clearly didn’t want to sing, she was asking her not to make her sing.
Did Beyonce care?
Hell, no, she didn’t give a damn, she was like “Bitch, if I ask you to sing, you fucking sing!”.
What’s more precious than the howling this girl does is how cynically Beyonce laughs at the end, gotta love it!

By the way, I just realized that the video is like 40 years old, but please play along and act surprised.