Happy Birthday My Friend!

Today’s the 26th birthday of Pam, from One Spoiled Cat. Those of you who have the pleasure to know her know that she’s a class act lady.
She’s probably a “mother” to much bloggers, I’ve had the change to connect with her in a more personal level, she has talked me out of crazy not by blocking my crazy but by making my crazy nicer and lighter.
I’m bad with words and apparently with actions too, because Michelle put together a great video for Pam with the messages that other bloggers sent. I’m a sucker for not sending my part, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the video that Michelle put together.
Go to her blog and check it out:

Happy Birthday Pam – My Three Moggies. 

As for me, I’m gonna dedicate one of the most iconic happy birthday videos ever, no, it’s not the Happy Birthday Mr. President by Marilyn Monroe, but it’s just as good, sexier and saucier.
Happy birthday Pam, love you!