Rolling Peach

Hello kids!

I think I’m getting back, after almost a year without a single post I’m back.
Life is getting back to “normal,” slowly, but getting there.
I won’t be doing much catching up, because I’d go crazy, so let’s assume that today is the first day WordPress is working and today is the first post on all of your blogs, is that ok?


Almost forgot how to create a post

I have a lot of crap to tell you, many stories, senseless, the great majority, but stories nevertheless.
Among those stories is the one about Miss Peach moving to Spain.
You probably have no idea who Miss Peach is, here are some posts about her if you are curious:

If you don’t wanna read the posts, just know that she’s a redneck from a town called Ginger Robins in GA, she’s a democrat redneck, and she was disowned by her family the day she came out of the closet as a liberal. Communist! They called her. Satanist! They said. Those 4 years of college have ruined your life!
She spent some time in Costa Rica, Mexico where she found love, causing the wrath of her family, they would never accept their blood being mixed with a Mexican from Costa Rica.
Now she’s in Spain, Mexico, teaching kids Mexican, the language of all Satanist cults, we all know Jesus Christ preached in English with an accent from Mobile, AL.

Say it Rick!

Say it Rick!

This gem of a lady is now “occupying” my place, we’ll see how our coexistence goes. So far Doggy seems to like her, but last time she was here she “levitated” 2-3 times. Doggy would camp next to her bed and whenever she would move, Doggy would bark ferociously scaring the life out of her and making her jump from her bed and almost touch the ceiling.

Miss Peach or Reagan? They look alike, both barf the same amount and color  (I swear it's true) and both are possessed according to their families.

Miss Peach or Reagan?
They look-alike, both barf the same amount and color (I swear it’s true) and both are possessed according to their families.

Doggy would also wait for her outside the bathroom in the middle of the night. He, being black as he is, was invisible to a rather sleepy hillbilly. The minute she would step out of the bathroom Doggy would bark, and I would laugh hysterically. Those were the happy times, now much to my dislike Doggy and Miss Peach are friends.

I forgot to mention that Miss Peach is also the “editress” of this blog, and although she doesn’t do a good job, without her there’d be more typos than usual.