Running Digest: Faster Than A Snail

I’ve been quite busy with work lately, working more hours than a “free” human being.
I know I’m not the first nor the only one but I have the right the whine.
With all that load of work the only thing I didn’t give up was my workouts. For better or for worse, because I’m not sure if 10-15 miles at 6am before 10-12 hours of work/travel was a smart move, by 10pm I felt like a mother pig after giving birth to 10 piglets.

Imagine the exhaustion

Imagine the exhaustion

The good side is that the really busy days are over. I’m entering the 2-3 “easy” months at work, and I’m planning on taking a month off to chill somewhere sunny.
I won’t put the chart of the mileage, because frankly, I’m lazy. Instead I’ll tell you about the last (first of the year for me) race I did.
It was the “Carrera Nocturna del Guadalquivir” or in the language spoken by Jesus, Guadalquivir Night Road Race.
It’s a very “funny” race, it starts at 10pm and passes through some of the most iconic places in Seville.
This year there were 20,000 officially-entered runners, plus a huge number of people who ran it without a number.
The race was last Friday 9/27, and it rained like crazy. It started with a thunderstorm,  Miss Peach asked if they would suspend the race, to which I replied “They will if someone is struck by lighting before the race starts.”

Perfect X-ray

Perfect X-ray

I worked that day, because you don’t need specific preparation for that race since it’s only 8.3Km. And considering the amount of people entering and the purpose of the race (to get people out and enjoy the city) nobody cares about the time.

But for those interested in the time, let me tell you that I literally walked the first 2km. I was getting a bit upset, but then I remembered, or rather was reminded by a guy dressed as superman, that it wasn’t a serious race.
The first half of the race was too slow, way too slow, but right after we turned on km 4 it started to rain really heavy. People started to leave the race and look for shelter (newbies) and others ran out of gas, so it was time for some “serious” running which basically meant not walking the other half.

I had some photographers along the course, but the rain was too heavy for them to take nice pics. They did try, though, and I’ll share with you the results.

Despite the rain and the slow pace of the race, it was really nice and fun. The streets were packed with people cheering and let’s be honest, rain is always a blessing (at least for me) in Seville. Here it doesn’t rain much and I’ve always loved racing/working out when it rains.


Green shoes, dirty feet.

I finished the race feeling good, wearing my bright green shoes, of which I’ll have to write a little review to see if Asics would send me some gifts (yeah right!)

Now I have 4 races left this year .

Now you know the places I’ll be those so if you wanna kill me that’s your chance.