Running Digest: I’m an idiot.

First and foremost, my apologies to those who wanted to kill me and were hidden along the course of past Sunday’s race, I promise next time I’ll be there for you to finish your job.

Sad Sniper

Sad Sniper

See, I had a race on Sunday, or I should say there was a race on Sunday that I was supposed to run.
The race was part of the city circuit of road races.
All the races start at 10am so I woke up at 8:30 and took my sweet time to get ready and woke up Miss Peach (who was going to carry my stuff), took a cab and arrived at the park where the race started at around 9:40.
I saw people running and warming up, walked to the start line and saw little people, then a bunch of people came through. It was 9:45, I knew there was a fun 3km race, which I assumed would be before the official 10Km race, so I didn’t panic.
I got closer to where the runners were and they were going too slow to be a 3km race, then I saw the first pacers (the guys with balloons attached to their waists with the time) and panicked, checked the schedule on my phone and yes ladies and gentlemen, this dumbass was late, the race had started at 9:30, I was nearly 4km behind the leaders, so I decided to just watch the rest of race and make the best out of those 10 Euros I paid for the cab.

I went to a wedding the day before and left early and without drinking a sip of alcohol because of the race, took a taxi so I could warm up a little and all for nothing!
However, it was nice to see a race, haven’t done it in ages, I also found out about an “Xtreme Obstacle Race” in December, with fire, mud and barbed wire , thought it’d be fun so I entered it.
And since I got the chance to see the race I’ll share a few pics I took.

The first guy finished a few seconds over 30 minutes, I wanted to see the first girl finishing, it was a 10 minutes wait, took a few more pics and left to have a decent breakfast and whine about how idiot I was for not reading the program and just assuming.