Nameless Curry

As you all know (because of all the whining) summer was a bit busy for me. Now things are going back to normal and I’m finding myself with millions of pictures took over the course of the past months,  that I know you are desperate to see (play along).
A few months ago a blogger had a giveaway on her blog and I was the chosen. The gift was a bunch of useful and delicious Indian spices.

If you google Indian spices she comes up (or probably is because I goole too much porn)

If you google Indian spices she comes up (or probably is because of my dirty search history)

I was anxious to try new recipes, most of the time my intentions didn’t go further than googling certain dish, or going over the list of ingredients, then laziness hit and I would end up cooking something less elaborate.
However, one weekend a friend visited me and I decided to show off my cooking skills, cuz when it comes to food I’m a show off.
I cannot remember the name of the dish, nor the place where I found it.
I’ve tried to find it again but no luck, so for all it matters we’ll name the dish Leo’s Curry Chicken.

I had to throw a pic of Doggy, he loves (and I hate it) to be right under me when I’m cooking. Zeus knows I’ve tried everything to keep him away, he leaves for a minute and then comes back. My greatest fear is to spill something hot on him, or drop a knife, but that same fear has taught me to be more careful while cooking.