Holy Cow

As a kid I would be forced to go the country. No, those were no vacations, I was going to work.
Child labor? Of course, I was exploited. Ticks would eat me alive, and I would end up taking antibiotics after a visit to the doctor. Country life wasn’t for me — I was a city boy.
But my parents wanted me and my brother to experience what it was like to be a farmer.
I would cry like crazy, I would yell “Help! They are kidnapping me!” (I seriously did).
“Amber alert!” I would cry, but nothing worked. I would end up at the country, crying myself to sleep.

I used to count ticks.

I used to count ticks.

But as soon as the morning would break I would be out.
I would wear my rubber boots and run to the stable to see the guys saddling the horses and getting the dogs ready to go for the cows.
Cows and their calves, how cute they are. The guys would separate them to milk the cows, and they would teach me how to milk them.
But they never taught me not to stand next to a cow while she’s being milked. They kick to the side, and I learned  that the hard way.
I built up a strong stomach — I would fill up a cup with milk straight from the cow and drink it. My favorite thing was to make the foam into a mustache.

Just so you know, I'm the one on the picture.

Just so you know, I’m the one on the picture.

Now that I’m a bit older, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a love for cows (and any other farm animal for that matter) that I find really hard to explain.
I’d be happy with 2-3 cows. I wouldn’t eat them, they are just too cute.
By the way, have you ever fed salt to a cow?
They go crazy, and if you are not careful they would lick you like a lollipop.

A few minutes ago Marla from Traveling Marla sent me a picture of a fluffy cow.

Met Water Lilly, the cutest guy on earth.

Meet Water Lilly, the cutest cow on earth.

Now, tell me that this cow isn’t just too cute to be true.
She has better hair than 90% of the people I know.
I would bring her home and fix a room for her, walk her around the city and be proud of my cow. I’d name her Water Lilly.
Water Lilly would be the most popular cow in the city, likely to be the only one too.

When I retire I’ll get me some cows, sheep and pigs. Plus 1 donkey and 2 horses and a few dogs, and I’ll live a happy life.

Remind me to tell you a joke of the why of the Mad Cow Disease .