Running Digest: Be Ghetto!

As you all know Doggy carries my stuff in a backpack so I don’t have to worry about a strap for my iPhone or where to put the keys or the money. However, when it rains I don’t take Doggy out, he’s like a carpet and drying him off is nearly an impossible task.

He wanted to jump

He wanted to jump

I’ve also mentioned that I run with my little red man, my iPod nano, the little square one, the best iPod nano ever made as far as I’m concern. Ideal for running or doing any sport, it captures the “nano” part of the name unlike the big ass block of glass and aluminium they are selling now.

Problem is when it rains, if water gets into it it’s ruined forever, I don’t own a waterproof case and I hate those armbands, I like to clip the iPod to my shorts and go. I have a set of waterproof headphones, just needed to waterproof my iPod, they it came to my mind, “Use plastic film”, ghetto I know, but useful.

Yesterday as I was wrapping the iPod I remembered how much I laughed (in shame) at a post a saw about 99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!, some of the ideas are very ghetto, too ghetto if you ask me (like my iPod waterproofing), others are very clever and ingenious.
Take a look at some of the very ghetto, you can see the rest here 99 Ghetto Hacks

Yesterday was rough, I know I’ll bore my non-runner readers now, but please stay with me ok?
I had to do 90 minutes fartlek (sound like farting but it isn’t), which basically means speed changes, for example, 4 minutes easy and 4 minutes hard.
After 50 minutes I started to feel that irony taste in my mouth, saliva was getting thicker and I tasted pistachio. Yeah, I was about to toss my cookies, I slowed down a bit to give my stomach a break and try to push the food back down, it worked. But when I got home my stomach tried to show me he was the boss by making me taste more of that delicious “Filletti di Pollo Crocanti” I had for lunch, but I was in for a fight, I was not going to double taste that meal.

At end I managed to keep the food where it belongs, but I was no human for the rest of the night.
By the way, if you like pistachios and chicken, you should check out the recipe, seriously, that lemony taste and the sweet kick of the pistachio it’s orgasmic.