Running Digest: The Race I Didn’t Miss

I was fearing I would miss Sunday’s race. We got our hour back that day, and I didn’t know if my phone would change automatically. I was having panic attacks (in my dreams), but things worked out, I made it. I was even there 20 minutes early, plenty of time to spare.

It was a 10km race and, as usual in these kind of races, I go all the way to the back to avoid getting trampled by the crowd. You know, they start too fast and die 5 minutes later.
I don’t know if I ever said that I don’t actually run, but I keep saying running to avoid the long explanation. I’m a racewalker, and I’ve been doing it since I was 13 years old.
It looks very funny, and I’ll tell you in a future post how I came to it, because it surely wasn’t willingly.
My photographers (Permanent Roommate and Miss Peach) managed to get a few shots.

The race was part of the circuit the city organizes. This was the last one, and, in my opinion, the most interesting when it comes to the sights. It goes around the city walls (or where the walls used to be back in the old days), and it finishes right in the heart of the city.

A 10km loop

A 10km loop

The first 2km were agonizingly slow, pedestrian. 10:41 for 2km — all the zigzagging slows you down a bit. I wanted to finish under 50 minutes.
To finish under 50 I would have to start doing negative splits, but it still was really hard to find a comfy spot before 4km. When we hit the 5km mark, the time was 23:45.
After that was downhill, and I finished the race in 46:41, which means I walked the second half in 22:56.

The race finished a few blocks down from where I live, so I went home, took a shower and then went back to see the little kids running. It’s always funny to see the little ones as they stampede down the street. It’s truly scary.

As I was taking pictures of them, I overheard a mother giving her little daughter a great piece of advice: “Maria, remember, the most important thing is to keep all your teeth, so watch where you step and do not fall flat on your face”
I laughed really hard, but laughed harder when a man running with his baby boy fell flat on his face. He didn’t listen to the advice of his mother, that’s for sure.