Giveaway Time!

You all know this blog is well known not only by the exquisite way that it’s written and proper grammar but also, because every now and then we host the greatest giveaways in the universe.
It’s been almost a year since we hosted the last giveaway, the prize was a life-long* supply of the most delicious turrones on earth.
The lucky winner was Easy, granted, he got it 5 months later, but he got it.
When he finally got the package he said with tears rolling down his face:

                              “I can’t believe I’ve won, I was expecting a boiled rabbit but this would do”

We’ve been thinking about what kind of contest would be appropriate, after all,  this is a family** blog, and we have readers from all the walks of life.
But we also characterise for being one of the most romantic oriented, sweet and lovely blogs out there, so sticking to our theme, we’ve decided to have a “Pick-up Line Competition”.

Might as well be true

Might as well be true

Competition is just to call it something, because we do not believe in voting. Remember what happened in the congress a few weeks ago?
That’s what voting does. We are a Liberal Autocracy, so we’ll pick the winner with the help of Random.

That's what voting gets you.

That’s what voting gets you.

Now with the catch, pick up lines should be original, naughty, x-rated even, for example:

“Too much bum for so little sausage”
“Too big of a bone and I’m toothless”

Get it?

You know, the kind of pick up line a drunk horny desperate man/woman would use at 5am when the bar is about to close. The same time when one would usually lower our standards and gets easier.

But we won’t like you any less*** if your entry is:

“I think I’m in heaven because you look like an angel”

I just puked in my mouth and swallowed it.

I just puked in my mouth and swallowed it.

The winner and loser will get the chance to pick an item from Evil’s Squirrel Shop. You’ll get the chance to wear a Rainbow Donkey t-shirt (that’s what I’d pic) or any other member of the gang.
You should visit his blog: Evil Squirrel’s Nest

Rainbow Donkey

Rainbow Donkey

Let’s see your entry and have fun!


  • Only ONE entry per blogger.
  • New comers are welcomed.
  • Open to every living creature.****
  • Entries must be submitted on the comments section of this post (otherwise I’ll go crazy sorting them out)
  • Dead line Monday, November 25th, 2013.

Winner Selection

Here even if you lose you win.

  • The Winner will get a single item with a maximum value of 3,000 US pennies ($30.00 – Thirty Dollars -Shipping included) from Evil Squirrel’s Shop.
  • The Mega Loser will get a single item with a maximum value of 3,000 US pennies ($30.00 – Thirty Dollars -Shipping included) from the Evil Squirrel’s Shop.
  • Winner will be the first person on the  result list of Random.
  • Mega Loser will be the dead last person on the result list of Random. 


  • You can’t sue me, I’m poor.
  • Evil Squirrel is not behind this contest, any complains, suggestions, questions an/or death threats should be addressed to me by using this form: Drop me a line or two. 

*If you had 2 days to live. 
**Dysfunctional family. 
***We’ll just trash you behind your back.
**** Except Tea Party Crazies, Oprah and the Pope.