Nice White Lady

My friend Miss Peach is now working in Spain, part of her Mexican adventure as her family would put it.
You may or not recall she spent some time in Costa Rica, where she engaged in premarital coitus, which didn’t change her family situation at all since the fact of her moving to Mexico (Costa Rica) had already awarded her the title of “Daughter of Beelzebub”, right after being disowned.
She recently moved to Spain; “Family, I’m gonna cross Rio Grande and go to Mexico” she said, before leaving her hometown, Ginger Robbins, GA.

By Rio Grande she means the Atlantic.

By Rio Grande she means the Atlantic.

Now she’s in Spain, she has a great job, which will be greatly appreciated when she goes back to the swamps. Just like all teaching jobs, she gets paid in peanuts, but they are at least Spanish peanuts.
Gators and turtles would fight over her thanks her fantastic recommendations and resume.
She’ll be able to make about 15k/year.
Teaching, what a fabulous and well paid job, and highly appreciated, let’s not forget.



Anyhow, Miss Peach was thrilled when she found out where she was placed, and frankly, who wouldn’t be.
Just imagine:
-Waking up at 5:30 am everyday.
-Rushing to the train station, praying that you don’t miss the train because the next one is one hour later.
-Praying that the tkt machine reads your tkt or else you would be forced to offer your body as a payment to the conductor or get ready for a shower of pepper spray.
-When you finally make it to the ghetto village where you’ll be teaching you gotta walk 20 minutes hoping that isn’t the morning when you get stabbed and left to dead.
-Making it to school and feel like it’s your time to go down in history as the next “Nice White Lady”

But hey! All those sacrifices are worth it, gratifying, she’s passing her knowledge on, underprivileged kids are feeding of her wisdom. At least someone is feeding someone, because at the end of the months the 300 euros in peanuts she gets will feed no one.

And she's allergic....

And she’s allergic….

That’s her dream job, she couldn’t wait to graduate college with a cum loade and a bigger load of money to pay back on student loans.

Way to go Nice White Lady.

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