Suggested Reading: Get Married and Be Submissive


I would like to take the liberty to recommend a book that I haven’t read nor have I laid hands on it.
The name the book on its original version (Italian) is “Sposati e sii sottomessa” (Get Married and Be Submissive).

Get Married and Be Submissive

I was having breakfast and the man next to me was reading the newspaper. Something caught my attention and I asked him if I could have that page, he agreed.
This is what caught my attention:

Granada's arcjksk publishes a book that teaches how to be submissive.

Granada’s archbishop publishes a book that teaches how to be submissive.

The Archbishop of Granada, Spain, famous for their modern ways and for declaration such as:

“The abortion law, puts public health servers in a situation similar to the one of the officers at the Nazi concentration camps. Abortion is a silent genocide.” 
Or when criticizing modern society:
“We should mirror our society in the precious Middle Ages, when the world lived under a christian military regime.”
Or when defending a pedophile priest from the attacks of reporters:
“Media serves the earthly powers. In the church there are sins but no crimes.”

So of course any book recommended by them it’s gotta be a gem and worth reading (not really).
You don’t need me to tell you that this is book is directed to all those liberal women out there that may have forgotten what their role in society and marriage is.

But happy nonetheless

But happy nonetheless

But fear no more, there’s still time for you to go back to the righteous ways and do what’s best, for your owner man, your family and subsequently, your society. 
The book description given by its author just makes you wanna buy all copies and give them for free to women of countries under an extremist religious regime such as Spain and Italy (for what I read books is a best seller in Italy).
In short:
Get Married and Be submissive by Constanza Miriano  
“Now is the time to learn the most loyal and generous obedience. Below is always the most resilient and resistant, because who is below holds the world”
Just as in Terry Pratchett’s novel, Discworld. 

A'Tuin, the best wife turtle ever!

A’Tuin, the best wife turtle ever!

What this tells you women?!
Let you man walk all over you because that’s the most precious thing you could do for this is society, is what a good Christian would do.
Constanza (the author) describes herself as a “mother of 4 kids, woman of one husband, submissive, and because I’m a catholic, I’m in a good mood most of the time.”

If this came from a muslim country would be a scandal, but since it’s endorsed by the good old catholic church it’s ok. Hypocrites!
And if wasn’t enough, and just for you to know, the church in Spain receives a lot of money, from us, tax payers, so they can publish this kind of crap.
And what do they have to say?

Calling planet earth!

Yeah, year 2013? This is 1400 calling.


“People is attacking this (the book) and haven’t even read it. It’s a very interesting book from the Christian point of view.” 

Can I get an amen?