Running Digest: First Serious Race

If you are reading this, it’s because you are reading it.
The time has come, I’m on my way to Lisbon for the first serious race of the season.
In the previous post I mentioned that I don’t actually run, I do what’s called Racewalk, which is kinda funny to see but not so funny to do.

Back in the old days I used to run, and just like any other runner I would talk down to racewalkers and mock them whenever possible.
One rainy winter afternoon I was warming up under the stairs of the stadium and so were the racewalkers, so I started to mock them. My coach saw me and said “Leo, you are doing that starting tomorrow and if you don’t wanna do it, I don’t wanna see you here again.”Β I shrugged my shoulders and assumed he was kidding.
Sure enough I was there the next day, about to wear my spikes when my coach stopped and told me that I had jokes.

Running Spikes

Running Spikes, without the spikes. I’m too lazy to look for a different pic.Β 

“Take those off and wear your racing flats, you’re gonna walk today.”

Racing flats.

Racing flats.

I’ve always been outspoken, so my answer was: “The hell I will!”
“Oh yeah you will,” he said.
And of course he won, because I couldn’t afford to go back home and and tell my mom (who is a marathon runner) that I had been kicked off the track for being a bully. The woman would have kicked my ass all the way to the moon and back.

There was no way out, it was either being the butt of all jokes or getting my ass kicked at home.
Because “I’m beautiful no matter what the say, words won’t take me down” and my mom’s wrath would leave me in a wheelchair, I decided to just obey my coach and do that funny looking thing that isn’t running or walking.
What the hell is that??!!!!!

Sounds complicated.....and it sorta is.

Sounds complicated…..and it sorta is.

3 months later I was state champion and top 3 in the country. Years later Racewalk was paying for my education and thanks to it I’ve traveled the world competing.
Now that I’m back in active training, I’m aiming to do something that I sorta let go. But to do that I first gotta make sure I’m doing that crap right.Β 

Because if you don’t racewalk right, 3 calls and you’re out.

A red paddle is more scary than the fact you gotta walk 50km.

A red paddle is scarier than the fact you gotta walk 50km.

This race in Lisbon is just to see where my technique is, so I can take the next step and focus on more important races for the next Olympic cycle.

My goal for this 5km race is to basically not get disqualified, have a clean race and that’s it. I hope I won’t be the very last one, but I’d rather be last than have DQ (disqualified) on the board.