Running Digest: Superstar, Dare to Dream!

Race was at 4pm on Saturday. I got the track at 3:20, enough time to warm up and get ready.
I walked towards the registration table and asked for my number, I noticed that my name was highlighted and we all know that means trouble.
The guy on the table asked me to wait while he got someone, he moved to the back of the room and started talking to someone and then another man came.
I was ready to fight, I had entered the race over a month ago and before leaving Seville I made sure to confirm everything was in order.
The first man approached me and told me that my number had been picked up by the race director, he was waiting for me.
He pointed me on his direction and my friends, what happened next made me feel like Mary Katherine Gallagher on Superstar (I don’t make out with trees).

As I mentioned last week, I was just going to race to check on my technique and to try not to be the last one to finish.
Now I was feeling the pressure, I didn’t want to let my fans down, after all they had traveled from all over the world just to see me.

Everybody was waiting for me, suddenly I was a celebrity, people came to see me.
“He’s Leo”-they would say.
They handed me the number and a uniform, yeah, a uniform, they had enrolled me in a club. I went from being a regular mortal racing unattached to feeling like a king.

My nipples were still asleep.

I was in deep shit, I took the uniform and said to Miss Peach I needed to do something to fix that mess, and by fix I mean lowering their expectations.

“Well, I’ve been training seriously for 3 months, so I’ll be happy with not being dead last and not getting disqualified.” 

That’s what I said to the race director and 2 of the coaches.
“I see what you did there”– said Miss Peach.
I stopped the socializing and started to warm up, wore the singlet they gave me and left Miss Peach taking care of the fans.
She later told me she had felt like Jackie Onnasis, but with clothes but trashier clothes.

I was very pleased with the race, I finished in the top 6, not a single warning and didn’t let my fans down.
After the race we were invited to join the club to a gathering, plenty of food and drinks.
They surely treated us like royalty, made sure we were taken care of, plenty of food and plenty of attention, I was tired of smiling.

6 hours later they drove us back to the hotel.
They won’t read this post, but thank you all.

I stole all the pics from the website of the photographers, please don’t sue me, at least I left the watermark and your info there.