Giveaway Last Chance!

For those you have missed the post about the greatest giveaway in world history, you still have a chance to enter.
Never’s been so easy to get rich, so give it a shot.
We have received several entries, some extremely classy and other right now nasty, juicy and nasty (heard that Mollie?).
Some worth of Pick Up Line Panda

So, what are you waiting for?
Leave your best or worse pick-up line now and automatically enter the drawing.
See, you don’t even have to vote or worry about votes. And what’s best, even if you are last you win, because there are 2 prizes, one for the winner and one for the mega loser.
Click here to enter: Giveaway Time!
Or if just leave your entry as a comment on this post.
And since this is a post about giveaways, let me tell show you what I won on the last giveaway I entered.

Yeah, a cow calendar!
I love cows, I seriously do.
I can’t wait to hang that calendar next to my fridge and mark all important dates in there.
Easy’s humans were so kind to send it based on a comment I made somewhere showing my love for cows.
They also send a mustache since this year I’m not growing one for Movember.
A pig for Doggy, which he killed within 10 minutes, Cocco, Bacon, I’m sorry for his behavior.

*Rich: the definition of rich is $30.00 to be used at Evil Squirrel’s Nest Shop if you don’t know The Evil Squirrel Nest you should visit their blog